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Feb 6, 2013 10:00pm PST
. >>> in the northern african nation of tunisia, protests broke out after a prominent opposition leader was assassinated. tunisians overthrew their long time dictator two years ago. setting off a wave of pro- democracy uprisings. >>> in spain, tons of trash is piling up in the popular tourist city of seville. it's objecting to the city's plan to cut the pay of trash collectors by 5% while increasing their work hours. >>> fined for making medical mistakes. the errors costing three bay area hospitals hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> also, bill martin tracking rain right now off of northern california at 10:45, he's back with the complete bay area forecast. >> and new problems for a san francisco landlord. the legal trouble he faces after we first showed you inside one of his apartments. >>> students, faculty, and community members kicked off the save city college coalition tonight. facing a march 15 deadline to get its finances in order or possibly lose its accreditation. they need to use money by prop a in the city. the school leaders say the money is needed for other obligations. >>> the san francis
Feb 17, 2013 7:00am PST
with tunisia for the weekend. they will hold special of mass today. it is chem mom rating the order of 1796 which led to the interment of japanese americans. san francisco's japan plans to hold a forum on the interment. >> it held hold a memorial service in america. >> they have a new home in san diego. >> there is the ribbon cutting for the 25-foot tall bronze statue of the famous times scare kiss. >> it as replica of the 1945 magazine photo of a serviceman kissing the woman at the ends of world war ii. >> it as reflection of not only the commitment to the military. but the veterans who have served. and in defending the you state on every day of the year. >> it has a similar one. >> from 2,000 much seven to last year. >> more than million dollars is used to create a personal version. >> an inmate convicted is about to be released from prison. >> they report propers have asked a judge to free ronald ross after he served several years in prison for a murder. >> he was the victim of bad police work and witness who lied. district attorney's office conceded, the conviction should not stand. ros
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2